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If you can dream it, our developers can deliver it. Whatever you demand from your website, we can build a solution with the functionality to handle even the most complex business processes and the flexibility to grow and adapt with your unique needs.


Our developers, designers, project managers are always a call/email away. Create a ticket on your account panel and we will get back with desired results within 24 hours.


Our designers have a passion for perfect pixels. We have an eye for detail and are driven by producing a user experience utopia. We understand the need to combine form and function to give your business the ultimate website experience to communicate and connect with your clients.


A beautiful design on its own does not make a successful website. It must also be combined with the power to deliver complex business solutions, and be capable of providing a user experience which encourages visitors to stay on your site and become valuable customers.

Website Development SERVICES

Which class of Website does your project fall on.

E-Shops Development

- Magento, WooCommerce -

E-Shops Development

E-commerce is not an industry; e-commerce is a tactic.

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, Joomla -

Web Site Development

All the functionality as per your Desire, as per your wish.

Online Marketing

- SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Online Marketing

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing


- Google, Bing, Yahoo -


Let’s make Google your Friend

All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result.


6 Short Steps Towards Your Brand New Website
  • 1. Discussion

    In this phase, we define the overall project requirement and propose the approach or methodology that we will follow throughout the project.
    Once you accept our solutions proposal, we will send you an updated proposal with a quote, Project Invoice and Acceptance

  • 2. Planning

    Determine the project’s high-level plan at the milestone level. While it’s normal as part of a project to put the detailed plans, controls and reporting mechanisms into place. We do it by creating a Project Initiation Document (PID) – the top-level project planning document.

  • 3. Design

    In this phase we start the work involved with creating the project’s deliverables, using the project strategy, business case, and Project Initiation Document as the starting point.
    Once the design’s are finalized we will have a consultation to finalize the designs.

  • 4. Coding

    With all of the planning and designing complete, the project team starts developing the components – whether it’s a piece of software, a bridge, or a business process.
    As part of this phase, you need to test these components thoroughly to confirm that they work as they should.

  • 5. Test

    After project tasks are completed, Project managers will compare project deliverable to the actual plan. If it works fine, we do a pre-release demonstration, this is when chcek for modification/ revisions. Once the revision work is complete we will prepare the product for final delivery

  • 6. Website Is Ready!

    Closing a project is not the most exciting part of the project lifecycle, but, we have to do it properly, Writing the complete project documentation and carrying out a post-implementation review so we can serve you better in your future endeavours.

E-Shops Development

E-commerce is not an industry; e-commerce is a tactic.

Today, more and more transactions are on the Internet, and this trend will only increase over the years. If your customers have not already asked you, it will not be long.

Averoft offers a complete online store solution to sell your products on the Internet. You will get everything in one package to be ready and start selling online quickly and manage your offline on the same platform.

In addition, you will be able to manage your products and product categories, your customers and orders, as well as all the content you want to present to your customers on your website.

  • Effective Administration

  • Integrated management of your products, orders and customers

  • Complete configuration according to your needs

  • Content presented in a pleasant, dynamic and effective way

  • Optimized structure for good positioning in search engines

  • Content Manager for more Autonomy

  • Promise of Quality

Web Site Development

All the functionality as per your Desire, as per your wish.

Do you have a particular service to offer to your customers via your website?

With its team of experienced developers, Averoft is able to design your site including a system specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Whether it is a management system that your customers use to access your services or a system offering work and collaboration tools to your employees or collaborators, we can realize a project that will meet your ambitions.

  • Analysis and specification of your needs

    Before even thinking of starting, you still need to know where you want to go and how.

  • Development

    This is the stage during which the Averoft team is working on designing the system as specified during the analysis phase

  • Tests and validation

    This phase is crucial. This is the step that confirms that the developed system exactly meets expectations

  • Put into production

    This is the final step, the step expected from the beginning of the project.


The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

Our digital team is composed of writers, creatives, planners, digital strategists, community managers, graphic designers, web and programmers and they will be responsible for making your business increase digital visibility and get the largest volume of users to your websites and transform it to customers.

At Averoft we offer the most up-to-date marketing tools to companies to achieve what they propose. Our way of working is simple: we put ourselves in the shoes of each client and think of a strategy with which we can achieve the objectives and obtain the greatest return with the most appropriate tools for each project.

We are specialized in small and medium companies where you have to make the most of the resources allocated to online marketing. Having a website is not expensive and keep your social networks active to be in contact with your audience, try not to do anything … that is much more expensive. Contact us and we will move to your business, we would to hear about your project.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We manage and develop integral digital marketing strategies tailored to each company.

Web Positioning

We know, from our own experience, that a website well positioned in Google, can be great sales for your company.

Social Media

We present your presence and strategy in social networks based on the objectives and specific needs of your brand.

Digital Advertising

We create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords to get the most leads for your campaign.


Let’s make Google your Friend

SEO positioning allows the web page of a company to appear in the top positions of search engines such as Bing or Google mediating tasks that we must develop in a planned and continuous manner. SEO tries to improve the visibility of a website so that it is displayed higher in Google to increase organic traffic to the page.

The SEM is paid search advertising, also known as pay per click (CPC). It is a perfect tool if you want to generate traffic in a short period of time in order to get conversions on the website through Google Adwords .

Do you want to appear on the first page of Google? Contact us, it’s time to leave the cave. We are here to help you with your SEO.

  • Attract qualified traffic to the page

  • The investment is fixed

  • It offers high profitability

  • Drive your brand

  • Continuous and dynamic process


Best Prices On The Market!


Nice & Quick

Design variants – 2

Number of pages – up to 5

Slideshow – no

Content management – no


If you’re a small business or startup, basic web design offers a cost-effective option. It provides your company with a credible, user-friendly site that can start driving purchases, quote requests, phone calls, and more.


Big & Bold

Design variants – 3-4

Number of pages – up to 20

Slideshow – yes

Content management – yes


If you’re a small-to-midsize business (SMB), a mid-to-large business or an enterprise, an intermediate web design offers an ideal solution. It also gives your company the means to advance its other digital marketing strategies.


the Industry Choice

Design Variants/Pages- 5-10

Number of pages – More than 25

Slideshow – yes

Content management – yes

Custom Quote

If you’re an enterprise or corporation, advanced web design offers a solution that matches your company’s size. It also maximizes your conversion rate and return on investment (ROI), which is critical in your competitive market.


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