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About Us

Leave the innovation to us

Averoft has been established as a Digital Solutions company in Australia, since 2012. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our projects; we have now established this corporation in India, USA, Tanzania, and Congo and a clientele in all 7 continents. We have been working on latest technologies such as Big Data, BI, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from the very start. We have been shortlisted for the awards “Top 25 Business Intelligence Solution Providers 2017” and “Top 25 eCommerce Solution Providers 2018” by CIO.

95% client retention rate

This means something: Averoft is different. We are guided by a results-oriented approach, and know the difference between delivering solutions and delivering results, so we focus on and base our success on the latter.

We are easy to work with

Customer Intimacy – We concentrate on achieving long-term partnerships with our clients, which allows our team to build up exclusive knowledge of their business.

Communication – We are passionate about our client’s business goals as the clients themselves. We’re easy to reach, talk to, and ready to address important business situations whenever they happen.

Teamwork – Averoft is collaborative, inside and out.

Transparency – Our proven project management techniques and agile delivery processes provide clients complete transparency throughout project work, allowing them to provide input at any time.

Expertise – Our staff’s extensive collective knowledge and experience is always available to our clients.

The only standard we follow is high-quality

Processes – We deploy a combination of best practices and innovative industry standards to ensure quality is embedded into every aspect of the project’s lifecycle.

Security – You’ll get bullet-proof security in every application and in our communication throughout the project cycle, from development to post-deployment support.

Integrity – Client Trust is our priority: We take pride in honesty and authenticity in every engagement.

We really mean it when we say we’re innovative

We encourage our employees to spend 20% of their time on research and development. This strategy enables us, our employees and our clients, to stay ahead of the technology curve and innovate in client’s projects.