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What is Emerging Technologies

New technologies that are currently developing or will be developed over the next five to ten years, and which will substantially alter the business and social environment. These include information technology, wireless data communication, man-machine communication, on-demand printing, bio-technologies, and advanced robotics.

Emerging Technologies that May Help Power the Future

Technology and Innovation

With the rapid development of cloud computing, mobile technology, and social media, organizations are dealing with a dynamic, changing landscape, with increased demands on multiple fronts – from storage, to access to analytics, all with an eye on faster response times at cheaper costs.

Organizations must adopt and utilize emerging technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile, and others, if they are to succeed today.

Averoft prides itself on being at the forefront of digital technology and IT development, and we have identified key strategic sectors within this newly emerging arena where have benefited our clients.

With specialized and focused recruiting teams delivering world class professionals on technologies ranging from mobility to Cloud, backed by Subject Matter Experts who are able to offer our clients innovative solutions designed to address their every need through Powered managed services, Averoft has invested in the right technology stacks to help our clients meet their emerging technology needs.

Emerging Technologies Service Areas

advanced mobile computing

Advanced Mobile Computing

Averoft offers future tech solutions to the more challenging needs of advanced mobile computing required to serve today’s “on-the-go,” tech-savvy consumers.

advanced mobile computing

Big Data

Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. Big data gives organizations a solution that is designed specifically with the needs of the enterprise in mind to create new business opportunities.

advanced mobile computing

Cloud Computing

With IT hosting and maintenance costs sky-rocketing, Averoft’s Cloud Computing services can implement enterprise-level IT in infrastructure without companies having to pay enterprise-level prices.

advanced mobile computing

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT provides solutions ranging from connected homes, connected cars, smart devices to Internet of health to help businesses stay connected and steer ahead of the curve. Is your business ready for the IoT?