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The Intelligent Enterprise advantage

Transform data into insights, automate and innovate, to deliver experiences everyone will love, and set the pace in your industry.

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Let’s add AI to the mix

Discover how Averoft retail analytics can help you optimize all aspects of your retail business.

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Business Expertise

We always intend to thoroughly understand your business, so we can efficiently bridge the gap between your goals and technology.

Technical Skills & Expertise

Our developers and designers are the best at what they do. We work quickly and efficiently, always striving to deliver the best possible quality.

Industry Experience

We have built over a hundred great apps. We know the potential risks & pitfalls in software development, & more importantly how to avoid them

Agile Process

We follow transparent agile principles and post regular updates. Our main goal is to deliver an app which is exactly the way you expected it.

Our Commitment

Most of our business comes from referrals. We will work hard to gain yet another satisfied customer, just as our previous clients have.


Customer Intimacy – We concentrate on achieving long-term partnerships with our clients, which allows our team to build up exclusive knowledge of their business.
Communication – We are passionate about our client’s business goals as the clients themselves. We’re easy to reach, talk to, and ready to address important business situations whenever they happen.
Teamwork – Averoft is collaborative, inside and out.
Transparency – Our proven project management techniques and agile delivery processes provide clients complete transparency throughout project work, allowing them to provide input at any time.
Expertise – Our staff’s extensive collective knowledge and experience is always available to our clients.

AVEROFT has been a key part of the digitization of the business.

Truce Williams, Fashion Retailer
using Averoft ERP

Our Insight on Innovation

5 Major Technologies of the Future

The biggest change will be in how to use the new technologies of the future. It is through 5 of them that our daily life will be the most revolutionized: Genomics Nanotechnology. Energy storage. The robotics. The connected and intuitive home. Moreover, and it is already the case, the connected objects will discharge us of…

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Let’s add AI to the mix

We will work with you to find out the right mix for your operations to automate your processes with AI & Robotics.