School / University ERP

Education, ERP, in corporate terms also known as the education enterprise resource planning that comprises or single source information system for all departments across an organization. Education, ERP is a single database system that makes information and communication easy across various departments of an organization.

The major objective of education ERP is designed to interact with specific modules designed to communicate with other modules of the institute. Infinity’s education ERP has covered in-depth functionalities or school, college and university that help reduce the costs of redundancy by increasing efficiency and productivity through out organization.

Why do you need Education ERP Software?

Education ERP Software helps educational institutes, like school, colleges, and university, with some common issues faced by their staff. Following are common issues face by educational institutes,

  • Extracting student, faculty or admin data from paper records
  • Inaccuracy in financial records such as salary, fees, and expenses of institute
  • Much time spent on time-table scheduling and management or proxies
  • Difficulty in information exchange between different departments of educational institutions
  • Salary calculation becomes difficult task
  • Up-to-date and error-free record maintenance or student and staff becomes difficult
  • Old records can not be accessed easily and quickly

Features of School/University ERP Software

  • Fee Collection

  • Student Enrolment

  • Admission Management

  • Alumni Registration and Management

  • Certificates Generation (Character, Transfer)

  • Hostel Management