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Membership based Partnership Program

Your Own White-label Digital Solutions Business in less than a week


We are designers, we are developers, we are freelancers and we are CEO’s. In the past years we have successfully launched many of our own internet businesses. We know exactly what it takes to launch a successful online business and how challenging it is to even think of starting one. With that in consideration we’ve packaged it all down into one amazing product for you.

What to Expect

With this program you will get a fully prepared ready to launch small scale business of your own with a blink of an eye. All you need to do is to follow step by step instructions and together we will create a successful profitable Software and Web Development business.

My Own Business

Yes that’s right, YOUR OWN AGENCY with no technical work involved. You will be provided with an impressive website that portfolio’s our work, for you to showcase as your own. When you get a customer, you simply tell us what he needs, and we do the rest matching all his requirements.

As an example, A customer wants a new website. You order the customer a website through our portal, and we do all the work for you that is to create the website for him. We charge you $100 for this website, but you charge the customer $200. You just made $100!!!

We can generally finish a Website, in less than a week!

If you ever wanted to start your own business but lack skills, time, money. Maybe just an idea that can earn you a luxurious life or the fear to fail, then you should consider this amazing opportunity where your investment is literally a penny.


We will create & maintain a professional website for you that is suitable to your niche, which is included with the membership fee.

Membership fee for 6 months: $135/- Only

        Or an yearly plan: $225/- Only

We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing products and outstanding after sale support!

Affiliate Marketing

When you register for this program, you automatically become an Affiliate, but you can separately register to do so by filling up the form on the bottom of this page (and in the comments mention “Affiliate”).

We offer the best attractive rate of 40%


Will you guys have monthly check on our business? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

This is the beauty of this business, we never come to check up. You are not selling our services, you are a partner company that outsources work to Averoft.

How much time do I have to work on this? 2017-06-27T15:44:38+00:00

On an average 2 hours a day or so is good enough, Unless you have bagged yourself a lot of customer inquiries. Other than that it doesn’t matter where you are and when you do the work, it’s completely your choice, as we all know the more you put your time on something the better are the results.

How much money can I make? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

We believe the sky’s the limit to what you can make in this program, it’s fairly easy to make $300 per client you get. However there is much more potential to it than this, as you can get that same customer as repeated source, you can easily get more new customers. Although you can cover up the startup cost in your very first job, Do the MATH!!

Do I need to own an office to handle this Business? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

NO, you don’t specifically need an office,You can work from anywhere, a coffee shop, beach, even your bed, but with the success that you get with this business you may consider owning an office to meet with your clients or to discuss the services you can provide to them.

I don’t have any software or website skills, Am I still eligible? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

Yes, you are definitely eligible. This is a kind of business that welcomes newbies with a 5 Star ambiance. You will be given the complete training and assistance required to successfully run this business and generate you more money. This business is great for any person from any educational background or none; that’s because you don’t need to worry about the Software and Website development work, Averoft’s team will have your back all the time.

What do I get? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

You will become part of an amazing partnership program that can easily become a great business that is perfectly suitable for an extra income even as a full time business. You will be assisted by an elite team of developers and provided with everything you need to run a Software & Web Development business (including your own personal business website), where all you do is SIMPLE OUTSOURCING.

You will get the following privileges:

  • A business of your own, where you are the BOSS
  • Name your new company whatever you like.
  • Provide best Website & Software Solution to millions of people
  • Earn a fortune while you do little work
What do I have to do? 2017-07-02T16:45:51+00:00

After we have received your subscription fee for this Programme a team of professional designers will set up a website for you and all you have to do is promote your new designing company to get clients for any work related to Software Development, Web development and Graphics Design. In simple words you are outsourcing the work to us.

What is Averoft Partnership Program? 2017-06-27T15:40:00+00:00

APP is a unique business platform to help you build your own Software and Web Design Business without the need of any technical experience. APP makes you a certified exclusive partner to our company by providing you all the “done for you” services.

Terms & Conditions


After we have successfully received your fee for your Averoft Partnership Programme. The program membership details will be emailed to your email address. This may take up to 24 hours but usually happens within seconds. If you do not receive an email after this time period, please contact us via the contact form or phone numbers mentioned on this website. The statement of the amount you have paid will be emailed to you along with, it will also be available on the portal. If you need a printed copy of everything mailed to you on your provided mailing address, you will need to pay for the courier charges.

Member Content

Member is responsible for any information or data whether publicly or privately posted except if the content has been provided by Averoft Ltd. This means that you, and not Averoft, are entirely responsible for all information and data that you upload, post, email, transmit except what is provided by Averoft. Averoft cannot control the Content posted by you and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. Under no circumstances will Averoft be liable in any way for any information, data, photo, text, music, etc. posted by you.

Refund Policy

Refund can be processed for the following:

  • You feel that our portal or program is not delivering as claimed
  • You have been facing technical issues (which on your request we weren’t able to fix)
  • We have not been able to provide support to you whenever needed
  • You have  paid for the membership but not received instructions, assistance or fixes

If even after your numerous queries and requests we fail to deliver(we promise that will never happen), We will refund your membership fee with apologies.


If you are not happy with our services and you want your money back please go through the normal procedure of contacting us and getting your refund. We always want to be able to help you in any way possible.

Change of Membership Fee

We reserve the right to change the membership fee at any time. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the Averoft website and by an email. However, we will never change the membership fee for our previous customers, we might probably fit you into a better plan.


Our products come with a lifetime warranty that is limited to the work we have provided you with and that we are bound to fix any issues that are due to our unmodified code/template. We are not responsible for any loss that may occur as a result of modification of our code/template.

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