LMS can conduct courses online, while providing face-to-face teaching, learning and training. Averoft LMS has varied usage in blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors as well.

Mobile Learning

Connected with the LMS, the mobile app allows students, teachers, and all LMS users to access their learning platform even better from mobile devices.

Virtual Classroom

VC provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen. Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms. The idea is to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience.

Next generation eLearning & Virtual Classroom

What Is LMS

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

5000+ eductaion centres already use Averoft eLearning Applications

Great App for You

Research suggests that blended learning models that combine face‐to‐face and online instruction yield the best student learning outcomes.

Though fully online programs offer many advantages, including flexibility and self‐paced instruction, at‐ risk students may benefit from teacher interaction in a traditional setting which we create virtually with our Virtual Classrooms

Unique Features

  • Social Learning

    A course includes topics that learners engage in, take assessments, collaborate, etc. and then move on to a new topic

  • Adaptive Learning

    Flexible course creation features like activity access restrictions, course completion conditions, lesson activity using branches/clusters, quiz adaptability.

  • m-Learning

    Browse the courses, study material, receive instant notifications of messages and other events, track learning progress, and much more.

  • e-Assessments

    Improved Learner engagement, Capture of wider skills and attributes not easily assessed by other means.

  • Depth Analytics

    Analytics allow you to track compliance, course completions, and competencies, which is valuable when considering students for promotions or succession planning in general.

  • Integrated with Virtual Classroom

    Supports real-time sharing of slides (PDF), webcams, whiteboard, chat, voice over IP, and presenter’s desktop. It can record and playback sessions (slides, audio, and chat)

  • HD Video Conferencing

    Hold Visual Meetings, Communicate through high quality audio.

  • Server Side Recording

    An optional feature many prefer is class recording to be shared later on eLearning platform.

  • Live Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

    Share your screen, Use Whiteboard, Express Yourself.

  • Separate setup/Software Not Required

    Ease to Use, starts at the click of a link. Attending a Virtual Class has never been easier

  • Connect to Class with Any Device

    Since there is no additional software needed. Students can even use device browser to attend the class.

Available in Mobile Application

Find Infinite Inspiration & Create Great Courses!

Virtual Classroom

Engage Students

Students can raise hands, use emoticons to express their feedback on the course or participate to polls. Teachers can lecture with the multi-user whiteboard.

Real Time

Real-time sharing of slides, audio, video, chat, and desktops. Online classroom tools such as the whiteboard markup for annotating presentations in real-time.

Breakout Rooms

With breakout rooms instructors can give students their own sessions to collaborate, monitor those sessions, and bring them back to the main room and increase learning.

Recording Lectures

Record and playback your lectures

Special Features

Easily Integrable with other Software's

LMS integrates with premium software portals easily like Video Conferencing Tools like Webex, Adobe Connect. CMS like WordPress, Joomls, etc. Collaborative tools like Dropbox, OneDrive.

Personalized Learning

Institute customized learning experiences for the users. Students can learn online independently and interdependently as well.

Promotes Student-Centered Learning

Students learn how to assimilate and process information, while learning to cooperate and interact with one another, as they engage themselves in student-centered learning activities.

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